Proceedings book of the International Scientific Symposium Safety in Heritage

On the occasion of the publication of the proceedings book, we would like to recall here the International Scientific Symposium Safety in Heritage, an event in which we put effort and enthusiasm into creating a space to share and debate such relevant issues in the field of cultural heritage.

This Symposium not only allowed to open a line of knowledge and discussion in the company of international lecturers of the most prestigious institutions, but it was also the frame in which the Círculo Statement was born, document that takes its name after the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid that hosted this event. Likewise, the lectures and articles selected in an open call, in addition to other content, have been collected in a carefully edited proceedings book.

It is Kalam’s pleasure to be able to share this fantastic result of the meeting, hoping that it may reach as widest possible audience and contribute to the field of our activity and in the important subject of safety in heritage.

Download the proceedings book of the Symposium Safety in Heritage

The publication brings together all the contents of the symposium which were structured around its three thematic axes. The first one was about criteria and intervention, with the recovery of the value of the site providing safety. Thus, the opening day focused on the definition of the concept of safety, its scope and the complexity of its application to heritage assets, as well as on proposals for intervention criteria in heritage derived from safety requirements.

The second thematic area focused on issues related to rehabilitation techniques and processes to improve safety, analysing the most frequent risks generated in cultural heritage and their causes, as well as innovative solutions, both constructive and related to the management of the asset, to improve safety for heritage and its users and visitors.

Finally, a third thematic area was dedicated to normative aspects related to safety management and regulation, in which policies for action, shortcomings, proposals for improvement, new approaches and possibilities for development were discussed. The work of associations and society in general was also represented, considering the responsibility in this issue of public and private institutions, owner and the involvement of business world.

A relevant section of this publication that complements the rest of contents and contributions, is the one that includes the Círculo Statement. An outcome of the symposium, in which its drafting team worked under the supervision and consultancy of the Scientific Committee in the months prior to the celebration of the meeting. The declaration, which has as subtitle Safety In Heritage: Safety in the use, management, maintenance and conservation of cultural heritage, is a document recommending criteria for the implementation of measures on Cultural Heritage and Safety, covering from aspects related to safety of people, to the safety of the material assets themselves or of the maintenance and intervention actions in them.